What Does Get-Better Mean To Me?

Having a strong commitment to growing stronger every day; Physically, Socially, Environmentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Intellectually, Occupationally, and Financially. These categories are known as the 8 dimensions of one's overall wellness. What is wellness?Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence. Make yourself a priority once in while.It's not selfish, it's (necessary.) We all have busy lives and the one thing we never seem to have is time for is ourselves. Although not having enough time may be an issue it is very important to find time to take care of yourself. Making yourself a priority requires time management, discipline, and strategy. Once you have these requirements, you'll have a better experience when it comes to making yourself a priority in all areas of life as I listed before. Wellness is more than just health, it is living fully. To me, wellness is fueling your body, engaging your mind, and nurturing your spirit. How we think about wellness is affected by our culture and our life experiences. Body+Mind+Soul+Spirit= YOU. All dimensions of wellness need our attention for us to truly reach our fullest potential.There doesn’t have to be a balance among all dimensions because it will be too much to handle at once.From my experience, I also find hard to balance out all dimensions and work on each one. The goal is to find the dimensions that need more improvement. Your desire to wake up and get better every day shall be greater than the fear you have of remaining the same! GET-BETTER = A Blend Of Physical Strength, Physiology, Philosophy, And The Mentality To Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself. Every Day I Wake Up I Look Forward To Becoming A Stronger Version Of Myself In All Areas Of Life Whether It's Financially, Mentally, Or Physically. Always Aim For Progression, Not Regression.I Dare You To Become A Stronger Version Of Yourself. ↛ℒℱ

Now ask yourself; are you getting better today? 

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